• Linus Tech Tips, one of the most-watched tech channels, was hacked and promoted two scams.
• The scammers took advantage of trending keywords to promote a fake AI coin.
• YouTube has been criticized for not taking enough measures to prevent phishing attacks like this one.

Linus Tech Tips Hacked

Linus Tech Tips, one of the most-watched tech channels, got hacked and promoted two scams. Twitter is outraged about YouTube not taking cautionary measures to prevent phishing. Linus Sebastian, one of the most popular content creators on YouTube, fell victim to the ongoing scourge of relentless crypto scammers. Over 15 million subscribers expected to see a new video from him but were instead met with nothing as his channel had been taken over by hackers. He even posted a message on Twitter saying „wake me up when I have a channel to upload to.“

Crypto Scams Featuring Elon Musk

The fraudsters posted two counterfeit videos which featured Elon Musk nodding his head to music during a „free giveaway campaign“ and another which aimed to swindle subscribers out of their money by taking advantage of trending keywords related to artificial intelligence. The issue was resolved around seven hours after it started, and Linus Sebastian released a new video regarding the unpleasant situation while keeping his sense of humor intact.

YouTube Criticized For Slow Reaction

Crypto scams carried out in similar manners have been going on for months with high-profile YouTube accounts often targeted without much action from YouTube itself. Last year, the British Army’s Twitter and YouTube accounts were stolen for promoting a fake NFT collection yet nothing has been done about it so far. It remains unknown how many people have fallen victim to these fraudulent activities or what caused this particular attack on Linus Tech Tips specifically.

Reactions From Platforms & Celebrities

Twitter users are angry at YouTube’s slow reaction time while some suggest that they should be more active in preventing such scams from happening again in future, especially when it comes to prominent media personalities like Linus Sebastian who already has millions of subscribers across multiple platforms including YouTube and Twitch. Other celebrities like Elon Musk also voiced their concern over these fraudulent activities online which could lead people into losing money or worse – falling prey into criminal syndicates operating behind these schemes.


Overall, this attack highlights once again how vulnerable platforms can be despite having millions upon millions of users worldwide making them prime targets for cybercriminals looking for an easy score or quick buck through malicious activities such as phishing attacks or cryptocurrency scams featuring well-known faces like Elon Musk or personalities like Linus Sebastian himself who had his own platform violated recently with unfortunate consequences that remain unknown at this time due lack of information from either side involved in this incident – both being neither platform nor celebrity alike at present moment in time since then .